Wholesale Air Conditionning



Message from Manufacturers

HVAC products are unlike most products for sale on the Internet. A trained professional should always review the unique requirements of your structure to ensure proper equipment selection and safe, efficient installation. Even the most skilled Do-It-Yourselfers should not attemptto install HVAC products. Consumers should never
install heating and cooling products themselves.


Warranty Policy

Warranty will be voided on systems if not installed by a licensed HVAC contractor or a licensed technician.

If any product purchased from Wholesale Air Conditioning should result in failure upon installation or not operate after installation, we are not responsible for supplying the parts warranted by the manufacturer. Under no circumstances will either refrigerant R22 or R410A be covered or reimbursed if refrigerant needs to be re-added to the system; whether it is missing from the unit when it arrives to the customer's location or after a part is replaced. Under no circumstances will Wholesale Air Conditioning replace a whole system or component. Wholesale Air Conditioning does not provide any warranty above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty as to parts. Wholesale Air Conditioning is not liable for any warranties, costs, and/or expenses incurred by the consumer due to a malfunction of any product (s) sold on our site. Wholesale Air Conditioning does not provide labor warranties or compensation of any kind for any costs incurred by the consumer due to a malfunction of any products sold on our site.

The product (s) sold on our site are intended by the manufacturers to be installed by professional heating and air conditioning contractors. They are available to you on this site as a means of saving a substantial amount of money. We know the advantages of self-installation, as well as any disadvantages, and it’s your decision to purchase from us and install on your own. Any person or entity that decides on self-installation is responsible for and accepts all risk for both installation and equipment selection. Any applicable warranty will be void if the installation is not completed by a licensed contractor. Having these systems installed by a contractor is more costly but it has its advantages - professional installation, labor warranty may be provided by the contractor, the validation of your warranty with the manufacturer, and potentially someone to process warranty claims for you. (For safety reasons, do not install a furnace yourself unless you are qualified to do so.

Most of the manufacturers of these products sold on our site have no provisions to provide warranty replacement parts or technical support to the homeowner. They only work through dealers, such as your local heating and air conditioning contractors.


Product Choice and Installation

Wholesale Air Conditioning Corp. does not accept any responsibility for or warrant the fitness of any equipment for any particular application. Wholesale Air Conditioning is not responsible or liable for any suggestions that it may provide concerning system sizing and/or selection. Any issues or decisions regarding system sizing and/or selection must be resolved and/or reached solely by the consumer and should not be based on any information or suggestions from Wholesale Air Conditioning. All products must be installed according to manufacturer's installation instructions and safety guidelines. All work must be done according to applicable building, installation, and/or maintenance codes. Products sold by Wholesale Air Conditioning must be installed by a qualified licensed HVAC technician. Manufacturer covers parts only under warranty. Installer is responsible for any applicable labor warranty.

EPA Notice

Purchaser hereby acknowledges that federal law prohibits opening the refrigeration lines of any equipment purchased on this website or through Wholesale Air Conditioning. A properly licensed person must handle the refrigerant contained in any unit/system. Purchaser hereby assumes full responsibility for the installation and/or maintenance of the unit/system in accordance with applicable building, installation, and/or maintenance code requirements. No refunds.


Cancellation & Return Policy

Please take all precautions when purchasing your equipment or supplies. We offer advice to you based on your representation. We do not guarantee sizing or application. We recommend that you get local advice to be sure of the equipment you need prior to your purchase. You may only cancel your order BEFORE it has been shipped by calling our Customer Service Department. We DO NOT accept cancellations via email (NO EXCEPTIONS), a signed Cancellation Authorization form must be received prior to issuing any refunds. Cancellations are subject to the following charges:

1. If your order is cancelled prior to being packaged, it will be subject to a 15% processing fee.
2. If your order is cancelled after it has been packaged for shipping or once it has shipped it will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.
Return Policy
3. There will be no exchanges or refunds 30 days after transaction and or delivery has been made.
In the event that you need to exchange your order, you must call and obtain a Return Authorization from Customer Service. NO returns will be accepted otherwise, ALL OTHER PACKAGES WILL BE REFUSED.. No Refunds.